Graywood Companies
Graywood Companies

Graywood Companies

Graywood Companies is a global, private equity firm headquartered in Rochester, NY. with an emphasis on value-creation.

A continuation of the company's long-term strategy of diversification has led to extensive experience in real estate management, investment and development, home building, urban re-development, manufacturing, industrial distribution, industrial heat treating, pharmaceutical research, printing & fulfillment.

Graywood Companies has opportunistically acquired hundreds of enterprises across a diverse set of industrial sectors and is supported by a foundation of seasoned professional talent with pragmatic business capabilities, and long-standing credibility in the marketplace. Combined with its ready access to liquidity and contracted leverage, Graywood can swiftly execute on value-based opportunities without lengthy approval processes or bank financing contingencies.

Criteria For Investment
Graywood Companies encourages applications from companies that are at an exit strategy stage with an intact customer base.

Criteria »

We seek opportunities from:

• Family Business Succession Challenges
• Corporate Divestitures
• Acquisitions and Roll-Ups
• Business Owners Seeking An Exit Monetization Event
• Estate Planning Divestitures
• Asset Diversification

Graywood Companies is Built on a Strong Foundation with Long Term Expertise in Buyouts, Growth Investments, Ownership Transitions, Recapitalizations, and Real Estate Acquisitions.

Graywood Deploys and Focuses its Capital on
Stressed Businesses in the following Sectors:

• Industrial Distribution
• Manufacturing
• Hospitality
• Retail
• Commercial and Residential Development
• Commercial and Residential Construction
• Printing and Fulfillment
• Services: i.e. Car Washes, Gas Stations

Growth Investments
• Acquisitions and Roll-Ups
• Organic Expansion

• Personal Liquidity/Estate Planning
• Asset Diversification

Ownership Transitions
• Generational Transitions